my husband forces me to fuck with the dog

my husband forces me to fuck with the dog Xxx

my husband forces is very perverted, he demanded that I do best with the dog if he wanted to continue with our relationship, he wanted to see me fuck the pet!

I have a very sadistic husband, he is a disturbed person who always asks me very strange things in sex, once he asked me to make a trio with him and his brother, but the last thing he asked me is even worse, my husband forces demanded that I fuck with the dog, I wanted him to have sex with the animal and that he was present at all times to see everything up close.

I was shocked with the request, the truth is that it frightened me what he was demanding, practically forced me to do it because he threatened me that if he did not do zoophilia with the pet he would leave me forever, so I had no choice but to fuck with the mongrel, although I have to say that I certainly liked it a lot.

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